Startup Metrics for Pirates

Pirate Metrics helps you perform quantitative and comparative analysis of your business by tracking 5 key metrics.

Acquisition – users come to the site; you have their attention
Activation – user performs some key activity that indicates a good first visit
Retention – user continues to do that key activity indicating they like your product
Referral – user gets other users to join
Revenue – user pays you


SaaS Example

The specific metrics for a SaaS business like DocRaptor might be

Acquisition – when a user signs up for the service
Activation – user successfully makes a document
Retention – user continues to make documents. As long as they’re successfully making documents they will continue to use DocRaptor
Referral – send other users to DocRaptor, possibly with a coupon code
Revenue – yay! money!

Blog Example

The specific metrics for a blog might be

Acquisition – users come to the site and stay for at least 2 minutes
Activation – user signs up for RSS/newsletter
Retention – user reads at least one post a week or opens the newsletter
Referral – user promotes your blogs contests and drives traffic
Revenue – user buys your ebook